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Why do we need UNIQUE logos?


What is a logo?

A logo is a symbol made of visual imagery and/or text that identifies a company or brand. Generally, it specifies the name of the company and a shape that represents your brand image and values.

It's a symbolic representation of your brand that associates with your audience's memory. For example, when you see the Pepsi logo, irrespective of country, language or culture, or even the name of the company you can recognize the brand.


Why does your brand need a good logo?

  • Stand out from the competition

Every business big or small needs to differentiate themselves from their competition.

A good logo reflects who you are, but it should also distinguish you from everybody else.

It should dare to be different.

  • The ideology of the brand

Your logo and brand design should tell a story like how you passionately narrate the

a story about your company. The design should reflect your brand ideology and style

while keeping in mind the trade and the audience.

It should tell your potential customer who you are, the type of product you are selling.

The logo is the first interaction with the brand your potential customer has, it should hook

their curiosity and prompt them to look further into the product/service.

  • Brand recall

Brand recall and loyalty are a huge and important part of every business. An easily

recognisable and easy-to-remember logo goes a long way towards building a successful

and positive recall for your brand.

Visualise this, How many logos of big brands can you draw from memory? I’m sure

at least you would have got 3 correct.

You build an emotional connection to a brand and can recognize the logo anywhere

even if a part of it is missing. (Try playing those logo games, It will surprise you how many

you can get correct)

Brands are like people, we draw their existence by giving it a personality and meaning.

How we see ourselves as unique beings, personify that feeling to your brand to make it stand out from the crowd

Design your brand as you design yourself.



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