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How to design a striking Logo?

A logo is a well-articulated and creatively crafted graphic symbol or emblem that speaks volumes about a brand’s identity. This unique symbol is not only responsible for depicting brand value but boosts brand publicity. Hence, an exclusive logo that’s in sync with the brand values and attributes is necessary.

Logo design is undoubtedly an important part of branding. The logo or trademark is considered to be the core of most companies. And mostly, it is part of a fresh identity that is most picked apart by the audience. From researching competitive markets to zeroing down to the right shades, shapes, and fonts- a perfect logo requires to undergo an array of research and processes to stand out among others.

Here are the five spectacular rules to create an outstanding logo:

  1. Minimalism is the key

  2. Keep it flexible.

  3. Long-term logos.

  4. Avoid literal representations.

  5. Originality matters

1. Minimalism is the key:

Avoid too many details and intricacy while designing a logo. The audience should get the message at the very first look. But if it is made of unnecessary, confusing colours, font styles, or complicated shapes of the logo, then it might deliver a mixed signal to the consumers. Keeping breathable spaces in a logo will make it look neat and balanced.


2. Keep it flexible:

The details of the logo should be visible in all scales. It should not lose its sense of proportion. Too detailed logos will seem illegible and unclear on being placed on a smaller product i.e. if the size is reduced. Similarly, the design elements should not look disproportionate when scaled up for huge billboards.


3. Long term logos:

A timeless logo goes a long way. Sophisticated and classic logos are evergreen, thus need not be revamped frequently.


4. Avoid literal representations:

There’s absolutely no necessity of putting indirect elements to the logo. Depicting direct connection on the logo about how the company functions or what it deals in should be avoided. Abstract logos not only look artistic but invoke curiosity and imagination among the consumers.


5. Originality matters:

The logo should be authentic and in sync with the brand values and attributes. Also, identify the target consumers of the company. The logo should be designed in such a way that it matches the taste and tone of the target demographics of that brand.

Thus concluding, it takes weeks of research and design to go through all the stages of logo design. It is a gradual process of building a visual identity of the brand through appropriate collaboration between the designer and the client. Make sure to create a simple yet exclusive logo that aligns itself with the brand image and delivers the right message to the public.



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