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DESIGN - Art or Science?


As the tech industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, many companies are moving their businesses online. This change was seen with a drastic increase during the Pandemic year as people couldn't go out, and brands had to move their products and services to online platforms to have a better reach and continuity of their businesses.

During this phase, brands that survived with offline branding strategies struggled to match their products with their competitors online. During the lockdown phase across the world, there wasn't time for companies to test and review their websites and other online media before showing it to their audience as time was crucial and during these uncertain times, every penny the company could generate was crucial.

Understanding this scenario, we can draw conclusions why design cannot just be art but should also have testing and feedback, and in my opinion, design is a bit of both. How?

Both art and science are human attempts to describe and understand the world we live in.

We can say that art could have a high cultural influence and can be expressed in various mediums to describe an idea. Whereas, science is a way to prove a concept or theory by testing and reviewing.

Design as science has various forms of toolkits that lead to problem-solving such as interviews, observations, research, human psychology, humans/consumer behaviors, prototyping, testing, cognitive analysis, and more.

Whereas design as art is more about how to make the design, product, the service more visually appealing that people want to interact with, it should express emotions, invoke feelings and relate to the audience.

Combining these two ideologies will bring out a product that is both functional and aesthetic, and is likely to succeed in the market.

A designer and/or a creative problem solver should have the understanding and possess the strength to have both the skills and learn to successfully implement the toolkits in various projects to derive the best solution that suits the client.

Besides these, there are other constraints that aren't science or art - political opinions, economic status, cultural influence, market reach, budget constraints, and more.

Design is a broad subject where problem-solving is the main focus and we should believe in the process to achieve the best solutions.

To summarize and conclude, I would like to redefine the term DESIGN through my experience to be more like - Design is a study of various techniques and systems that aid to achieve the best possible solutions keeping in mind the political, economical, and cultural constraints while presenting the solution in the most aesthetically pleasing manner.



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