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13 Tips for Effective Sign Design

In this era of captivating visuals and striking graphics, effective signage is the key to successful branding. Innovative visual imagery will always stand out for the company employees, customers and clients to upgrade their experience and elevate the brand image.

While making Brand signage designs, Brand owners often don’t consider the importance of engaging signage and end up cluttering the sign board. But in the present scenario, advertisements are everywhere- from pavements and street corners to television to social media and all over the internet. It is fairly easier for ads to get forgotten within the blink of an eye and thus get lost.


Therefore, consulting an environmental designer or a signage design agency is certainly beneficial.

The right signage design will keep people informed and alert in the business space. The message should be crisp and to the point instead of being overwhelming. It’s better to survey the workplace area before consulting with signage design firms or signage designers. Look out for realms where communication is crucial for the improvement of interaction or experience. An innovative signage design will do the magic here. Signs and designs of a particular brand connect its target audience to services and products they want and need. The needs of Signboard design may focus on safety, directional or wayfinding design, or promotional signage.

A set of signs designed Covid-19 safety | Credits:

In this fast-paced and competitive world, constant communication is the utmost need to stay connected. This can be really challenging when there’s tons of essential information lined up to reach the audience, on an urgent basis. In order to make your information travel to the right consumer, one needs to plan strategically. After all, the audience needs to be kept engaged and connected and excess or unnecessary information might ruin that.

Here’s how to keep the audience engrossed in the brand message by making it noticeable. By the application of certain tips and tricks on brand signage, a company can easily grab the attention.

1. First impression is the last impression

The company signage is the first-ever thing that your target audience will come across. Therefore, ensure that it's up to the mark. The very first impression will leave a long-lasting imprint on the consumer’s mind. The right signage will bring the right consumers to your brand. Make sure that the signage delivers the right message out to the public.

2. Retain the mystery

Don’t reveal all the information about your brand on the signboard. Just reveal the basic particulars about your business or the purpose of putting up the signage. Save the rest for the later and wait for your consumer to approach you.

Only minimum details of the sale has been revealed | Credits:

3. Visibility is vital

Always make sure to create a legible and visible signboard design. It should be visible and clearly readable across all mediums. All audiences must be able to decipher the brand sign easily.

4. Stay Up To Date

The utilization of new-age technologies can be beneficial for your brand’s signage. It will make your business more affordable as well as appealing. Delivering brand messages through electronic signboards will leave a lasting impact on the viewer’s mind.

A trendy and creative sign board | Credits:

5. Synchronise the signage

It’s extremely important to align your company signage with the aesthetics of your brand. You might want to stay up-to-date, but always choose what suits your brand.

6. Stay minimalistic

The appropriate layout of the signboard design is crucial to increase its efficacy. Cluttering the signage with over the top graphical representations and too many lines of text might make the signage look awful. De-clutter the signage design as it will be difficult to read. With the usage of minimum words and graphics, one can make the signboard stand out in the crowd.

A minimalist sign board | Credits:

7. Steal the limelight

A good signage design has the ability to demand command and turn heads of the target audience. The text should be catchy enough to grab attention. An attractive pictorial representation will also do justice to the brand signage. In the case of wayfinding signage, the directions should be clearly stated.

8. Target impulse buyers

Several brands consider a sign as simply a device that identifies the brand. But that’s certainly not the case. They fail to understand that more than 50% of all retail sales are a consequence of impulse buys. Customers see, shop and buy. If a sign is not efficient enough, then the business owner may incur tremendous losses.

9. Use pictorial representation

Always remember, visuals are more captivating than texts. Aim for hardly five to six words in the signage. Avoid long sentences. Depend on appealing visuals or graphics to make an impact. The brand logo should be clear so that catches the audience’s attention.

10. Make your sign distinctive

Don’t let your signboard be ignored in a street where there are millions of signages. Your brand signage or wayfinding signboard should be such that even in a congested and overcrowded place, it can be recognized by a spectator or passer-by. Companies should always aim for exclusive and creative signage.

11. Consideration of colours

As the saying goes,” Too many cooks spoil the broth”, similarly too many colours are responsible for a misunderstood signage as it decreases readability. Take care of the hues which the signboard designer is using. Minimum usage of colours aids quick readability of the signage. Ensure to use contrasting shades. For example, peach on pink is not readable but peach on red is striking and visible as well.

A danger sign with contrasting colours | Credits:

12. Place it to be seen.

Keep in mind to pick a spot for the signage where it is most noticeable. Captivating and exclusive signage will only be worthwhile if it is placed in such a street corner or building that optimizes its clarity to passers-by.

13. Make it unforgettable

Last but not the least, a brand sign should not be out of sight, out of mind. Strive to create memorable signage so that it can be recalled by the viewer even after a couple of months.

Wrapping up,

Your brand sign design has the potential to accomplish essential things for your business, from creating the first impression to spreading the word to new and prospective clients about your products and services. Signage carries out the crucial tasks through the correct union of texts, light and visual placements. It’s advisable to abide by these basic tips to design a successful design.



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